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Teaching Your Class from Home? We Can Help!


We have compiled resources on this page we hope will help you try to deliver engaging teachable moments remotely. Some of the resources are for you to use as an educator and some of them are for your students. We are going to keep working on the information shared on this page and update it as new resources are acquired and good ideas emerge.

While our services and locations are impacted by COVID-19, we will continue to provide access to information, ideas, and experiences as much as possible through our online services. If using them is new for you we are here to help! On Continue to Use the Library Online learn how to make the most of a library card from home.

If you or one of your students needs a library card, you can get a library card even if you are unable to visit one of our locations. Please share this with your families so they can keep their kids busy and learning while they wait for school to start again!

Helping Kids Navigate COVID-19 and the Start of School

Keep your kids reading both e-books and audiobooks at home.

We have thousands of e-books (including e-comics) and audiobooks for kids and teens to check out instantly with a library card. We have collections of picture books, chapter books, novels, and non-fiction for all ages K-12. We partner with more than one service. Detailed information about each of them is available on our download and stream page. If you have never borrowed from one of these platforms before you can get directions, video tutorials and tips at:

We know that finding e-books and audiobooks a classroom of students can all read or listen to at the same time is a challenge. Sometimes not all of the students have a library card. Even when students do have a library card they often have to wait for their turn to check a book out.

To help you solve this problem we have searched for picture books, chapter books, novels, and non-fiction that are available for a whole class to read at the same time. There are two sections here, one that requires each student to have a library card (but all can borrow the same book at the same time) and one section that does not require a library card at all.

Finding Books Students Can Read Together as a Class
(Library card required)

OverDrive, Axis 360, and Hoopla are the library's primary sources of e-books and downloadable audiobooks. Each offers some titles that can be simultaneously checked out by students:

  • Hoopla has created a collection of bonus borrows that don’t count against normal Hoopla borrowing limits. Students can borrow as many as they'd like! There are A LOT of children's books offered here. Here is a list of bonus borrows for children only. Note that Hoopla offers e-books, e-comics, and movies. The movies are video read alongs, so these are actually books read aloud. Here are some samples:

Harold and the Purple CrayonFrog and Toad are FriendsPeter Nimble and His Fantastic EyesExplore Ancient Egypt
  • Kanopy Kids is streaming movies, but they have A LOT of streaming picture books. Our favorite Kanopy Kids category is, of course, Story Time!
  • Students can read World Book e-Books. Once you open the page and enter a library card number, click on the e-books section. The collection features over 2,500 titles. There is a lot of non-fiction included, particularly science and social studies. There is also a pretty large collection of early readers and an enormous collection of classics.

    Finding Books Students Can Read Together or Listen as a Class
    (No library card required)

    For Picture Books:

    (Note that any books you see on this list from Storyline Online have activity guides to go with each featured story. You can also find book character printables here. In addition HarperKids has teaching and activity guides for many of their picture books. You can find them here.)

    • TumbleBook Library is a collection of animated, talking picture books for Pre-K through grade 6. As long as a student is in Marion County these books are free. Here is a wonderful video tutorial to learn everything you need to know to use the TumbleBook Library. Here is a sampling of some of the titles in Tumblebooks:
    Bink and Gollie: Give A Fish A Home Mercy Watson Goes for a RideRuby's WishWhen Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat

    For chapter books try:

    When Louie Armstrong Taught Me ScatKings of the CourtGeronimo Stilton, Volume 14: The First Mouse on the MoonDay-Glo Brothers, The
    • Children can hear a story seven days a week on our Call-a-Story phone line. Call (317) 275-4444 or toll-free at (877) 275-9007. There's a new story every week.
    • The Junior Literary Guild has opened up a collection called Gold Standard eBooks for Elementary, Middle School and High school students for unlimited use. Using a computer? Usernames & passwords are not needed! Simply click your collection choice. Elementary Collection, Middle School Collection, or High School Collection. View full instructions for using the Junior Literary Guild Digital Desktop version and the iOS app. NOTE: Usernames & passwords are required when accessing JLG Digital via the app. *With free, unlimited access, some functionality (like highlighting pages, bookmarking, reviewing usage, etc.) may not be available.
    • Here are 50 Free e-Book Classics for Kids and Adults.
    • The American Girl Free Online Library - You and your girl may be home right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel to exciting times and places, and meet new friends along the way. As part of their commitment to racial equity, their books written by Black women and featuring Black heroines are available for free.
    • The Graveyard Book
    • Your students can listen to Neil Gaiman read aloud his Newbery Award-winning novel for kids, The Graveyard Book. You can also watch Neil and several of his author friends read each chapter of Coraline.
    • American Girl has made several of their books written by Black women and featuring Black heroines available for free. The selections include the series: Gabriela McBride: Girl of Today, Melody Ellison: Civil Rights, 1964, Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner: New Orleans, 1853, Addy Walker: Civil War, 1864. Download the books here. Several titles have discussion guides.

    • Audible, Amazon's e-audiobook library, has free streams on a select number of children's stories. See the Free Audible Library. The service will be available for as long as schools are closed. The books are separated into six categories: "Littlest Listeners," "Elementary," "Tween," "Teen," "Literary Classics" and "Folk & Fairy Tales for All." Books are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Italian. Here is a sampling of what is available K-12:

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneThe 500 Hats of Bartholomew CubbinsMission UnstoppableHollow City

    Get ideas and help tying books into lesson plans.


    All Indiana public libraries have a new service to support teachers transitioning to an online classroom. is a service that can help you build connections to children’s and young adult books into your curriculum. You can:

    • Find resources for a specific book
    • Find books by culture and age
    • Identify award-winning books

    If you find you need help from Book Connections you can go to their support page for help.

    2. NoveList K-8 Plus

    Use NoveList K-8 to find fiction and non-fiction books by subject, read-alike and listen-alike recommendations, series information, reviews, and lists of recommended and award-winning books.

    3. NoveList Plus

    NoveList Plus is the version for older students and adults. It also includes reading recommendations covering both fiction and nonfiction, read-alike suggestions, series information, reviews, and lists of recommended and award-winning books.

    4. Educator's Guide to Graphic Novels and The Simon and Schuster Guide to Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom

    An Educator Guide to Graphic Novels

    Here is in educator guide from Jarrett Krosoczka and Random House. It of course features their publications but it is also full of lots of great ideas. To see a selection of graphic novels for kids go to Graphic Novels for Kids: Dog Man and More! Here are our digital collections of graphic novels:

    If you need help with these services go to Read e-Books and e-Comics for directions and video tutorials.

    Encyclopedias and databases your students can use from home to look up answers or do research.

    You can see a complete listing of homework help resources on our Research page. You can choose the category "Homework Help K-5" or "Homework Help 6-12." Here are some highlights:

    • National Geographic Kids - Complete issues of National Geographic Kids Magazine 2009 – present. The magazine includes books, maps, images, and videos on science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space for elementary and middle school students.

    • Opposing Viewpoints - Information on social issues drawn from news articles, books, websites, and primary documents, highlighting the differences between contrasting viewpoints.

    • US History (Gale in Context) - Learn about the most significant people, events, and topics through an overview of U.S. history.

    • World History (Gale in Context) - Learn about the most significant people, events, and topics in world history.

    • World Book Kids - Easy to read articles, biographies, and science fair projects for K-Early Elementary school students.

    • World Book Student - Articles, biographies, science fair projects, and encyclopedia for research for grades 3-8.

    • World Book Advanced - Find encyclopedia and newspaper articles, primary sources, and government links from around the world for high school students and beyond.

    • Digital Indy - Digital images and recordings of cultural and historical interest to Indianapolis residents as well as students, researchers, and others. Of special note is The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Collection which includes 1,000 artifacts from the museum collection based on their relevance to Indiana Curriculum Standards. Selected objects range over school subjects from Social Studies to Science to Geography with a particular emphasis on Indiana. Look at this C3D Camarasaurus skull cast. You can grab it with your mouse, turn it, and look at it from all directions.

      Here are some sample artifacts from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Digital Collection:

    If you find at any point that you need additional assistance we are still here to help you, even though our locations are closed. You can contact the webmaster or Call-a-Librarian at 317 275-4184.