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Volunteer Virtually - Any Time, Anywhere!

04/17/2020 | Adulting 101

As a virtual volunteer you can identify new solar systems, watch and report on owl nesting activity, translate for refugees, put the world’s vulnerable people on the map, or transcribe oral history of the Grand Canyon! Each of these and hundreds more volunteer opportunities are ways you can support a cause virtually. In short, you can volunteer remotely, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, for as little or as much time as you would like. Becoming a virtual volunteer is easy! Here's how!

Looking for Local Opportunities?

Volunteer Opportunities from All Over:

  1. Be a Citizen Scientist! Visit Zooniverse to discover projects organized by interest area: arts, biology, climate, history, language, literature, medicine, nature, physics and social science. Activities range from quick counting tasks, like counting how many sea lions you see in a picture, identifying kelp forests, or more in-depth activities like transcribing documents such as anti-slavery manuscripts from the 19th century or translating Hebrew or Arabic documents from the middle ages. Projects change as they are completed and added. Learn how to satisfy academic community service with Zooniverse here.

  2. Share Career Advice! CareerVillage is a community where students can get free personalized career advice from real-life professionals. Answer questions about education and career choices from students from around the world. Signup is quick and easy. Pop on when you have time to quickly answer questions posted through the Career Village webpage.

  3. Help Map Underserved Areas on Help map areas where humanitarian organizations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people. In three easy steps, you can provide information for disaster relief organizations.

Didn’t find what interests you? Check out these resources for more ideas:

A note about community service hours:

If you need proof of service for school, court, or service organization, virtual volunteering may not be the best option. Check with the opportunity organizer to verify that they can confirm your hours.

Whatever you choose, know that you are supporting the efforts of an organization to move their mission forward. For that, thank you!