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Looking for easy STEAM fun at home? We got you covered. Our very own Miss Shelby, from the Lawrence Branch, and Miss Elizabeth from Infozone, put together everything you need to create your very own stop-motion animated movie.

Why stop-motion animation?

Stop motion animation is one of Shelby’s favorite STEAM programs she puts on at the library. The reason why is because it is easy to replicate at home. No purchase of materials necessary! Here is what you will need:

  • A smart device such as a phone or a tablet with a working camera.
  • Paper and pencil to take notes and create a plan for your movie.
  • Objects! You can make a Stop-Motion animation using anything you want! Some examples would include designing a movie set and characters using art supplies you have available. You could also build it using blocks, legos, action figures, or any toys you have at home. You could even use everyday objects in your home such as silverware, books, photos, things in your yard, pillows etc. Literally anything, even people. There is no wrong way to design your movie and what you put in it. Be as creative as you want!

How this guide works:

We’ve assembled a collection of animation apps and resources into a Wakelet found here. Take a look and explore the resources that interest you! Here’s what you can look forward to inside the wakelet:

  • Videos and blogs that explain different types of animation and touch lightly on animation history.
  • Apps to choose from to create a stop-motion animation movie, divided by appropriate age group.
  • Two story-telling worksheets to help you create your setting, characters, and story for your movie.
  • Don’t want to use screens? We’ve included tools and activities that are screen-free.

The apps come with their own built-in tutorials, but feel free to check out Miss Shelby’s tutorial of the Stop Motion Studio app below!

Now that you have the tools you need, we challenge you to imagine your own story, create a stop motion animation and share it with us!

Can’t get enough and want to learn more? Check out these animation books and notable animated movies in our bibbliocommons list here! (link)

All About Animation

Curious about how animated films are made? These books and movies highlight the history of animation and how there are many different ways to animate a movie. And guess what? It's simple to make your very own animation! All you need is your imagination and creativity, and a way to capture each frame of your film. These books can show you how! IndyPL_ShelbyP

Programming Games and Animation

Lyons, Heather

This book breaks down coding and animation and how they are put together to make your own games! It also includes online activities.

The LEGO Animation Book

Make your Own LEGO Movies!

Pagano, David

Learn how to make a stop-motion animation LEGO style! Learn special LEGO effects and build the your dream LEGO movie!


Hamalainen, Karina

Explore how animation was invented, how the technology behind it has changed over time, and how the latest animated films are made. You can also take a peek into the life of today's animators!