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Celebrating Families


A family is a group of people brought together by birth, by marriage, by other relationship, or by living in the same space. In A Family is a Family is a Family, a teacher asks the children in her class to think about what makes their family special. One child is afraid to share about her family because it seems so different. Other children in the class do share; about being raised by a grandmother, or by two dads, or having a family of step-siblings. One child wants to share about a new baby. This book is a great look at the many kinds of families children live in. All of them are special. Listed below are 25 more picture books starring families of all kinds.

25 Picture Books Celebrating Families

Every one of the 25 is different, just like the families starring in each. Children love books that mirror their own life. They also like books that give them a look at someone else's life. In these stories, children will see their own family as well as the families of their friends. The family stories are different, but the same in the way that matters most of all. Children thrive living with adults who care looking out for them every day! #indyplkids IndyPL_CarrieW