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The Totally Gross History of Medieval Europe

The Middle Ages, or Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. This period is well known for the Bubonic Plague, feudalism (a social structure of knights, nobles & peasants), and castles.

Today, the Bubonic Plague kills about 120 people a year. In the 14th Century, during the Middle Ages, it swept through Europe, Asia and African and killed an estimated 50 million people. 50. Million. The population of Indianapolis is about 865,000. 50 million people is Indianapolis about 60 times. That is A LOT of people. Back then, people did not know about bacteria and how simple hand washing can keep disease from spreading.

In The Totally Gross History of Medieval Europe you can learn about what it would have been like to be alive during this time period. The books and resources below will give you a good look at even more details about life in a castle or on a farm during this time.

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