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The Matchbox Diary

Sometimes a social studies or history book can be overwhelming. It’s hard to keep the people and places and dates straight. There just seem to be SO MANY! On the other hand, when people are telling stories about their experiences and memories, we can be so entertained and our attention so focused that it is easy to laugh or cry right along with the storyteller.

The books below are history books that tell one small piece of history at a time and use beautiful and compelling pictures to help tell the tale. They emphasize the storytelling over the facts, even though the facts are where the story begin. These books are often so short they can be read in one sitting. Reading them, it is easy to put yourself in the place of the characters you are reading about. You are not memorizing the name of a battle or the date it took place, you are imagining what that event was like for a person who lived at that time and experienced what was going on.

Choose a book below to transport yourself to another time and place. Live for a minute in someone else's shoes!


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