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Snow Day! Books for Kids to Maximize Winter Fun


Snow days are the best! Build a fort, get cold, drink hot chocolate, read a book. That's a near perfect day! The books on this page will give you all kinds of great ideas for outdoor winter fun. Mastering snowball formation is one thing but learning to build a snowball launcher is even better! Get expert tips and tricks for building snow forts, slides, and other winter activities.

You can also learn more about snow itself and why it is so great for construction. Try the fascinating biography Snowflake Bentley, the story of Wilson A. Bentley who photographed and studied snowflakes crystals for 50 years! You can look at his work by visiting the Smithsonian's Wilson A. Bentley Online Image Gallery.

Snow Day! DIY Snowmen, Snowballs & Snow Forts

Here are the best guides for kids to maximize winter fun. Level up your fort building, add snow sculpture skills to your snowman creations, learn a new game like snow crystal catching, and then top it off with some warming up snack ideas that would actually be good any day! #indyplkids

The Kids' Winter Fun Book

Homespun Adventures for Family Fun

Gillman, Claire

Chock full of indoor and outdoor crafts, games, activities, recipes, and more for just one kid or for a whole family or neighborhood. Explore ice fishing, ice sculptures, building an igloo, and brownie making. A warm brownie and a glass of hot chocolate, only better!

Curious About Snow

Shaw, Gina

Know your building material! Learn all the things you want to know about snow - how flakes form, why rain turns to snow and whether it is really true that no two snowflakes, ever, are exactly alike.

Sliding in the Snow

Winter Activities for Kids

Dymock, Melissa

Take sledding and snowman building to a whole never level with these ideas for winter crafts and activities like making your own snowshoes and making a snowball launcher. Includes some post play warming up snack ideas to make too.