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Superhero Service Dogs


A service dog is specially trained to help people who have a disability. The most commonly known service dogs are probably guide dogs who help people who are blind. A service dog can also help someone with a hearing impairment or other physical disability that makes it hard for them to move safely on their own. Sometimes a service dog uses its especially good senses to help people who have anxiety or seizures or diabetes.

Service dogs are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means they are allowed to go anywhere their person needs to go, even if dogs are not normally allowed there, like on airplanes or in restaurants. Rescue and Jessica is the story of how a service dog and a person become such a great team.

A therapy dog is also a specially trained helper dog. A therapy dog's job is different than a service dog though. A therapy dog is trained to comfort people. They are especially good at making people feel safe and calm. Therapy dogs visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools or disaster areas where people might be feeling anxious or afraid. Therapy dogs are not protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Therapy dogs need to be invited to go to the places they visit.

Moose! The Reading Dog is the story of a dog who visits libraries to listen to children read. Moose is a good listener! He is a great friend for kids who might feel anxious while reading because reading is hard for them. Have you ever felt nervous at school because you had to read out loud while the whole class listened? Many children do. Moose helps kids in the story feel less anxious because he is quiet and patient. Moose doesn't mind mistakes! He says, "Sometimes they show me the pictures. Sometimes they tell me the story." He is a great friend for reading practice!


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