Tools of NavigationWhen you're talking survival you're talking many different things. Can you read a map? Can you use a compass? Could you find food in the woods? How about you know how to keep one from attacking you? You live in Indiana, do you know how to keep yourself safe during tornadoes? These books will show you all the skills you need to survive all kinds of anxious situations. You can even learn how to protect yourself from piranhas...not a likely attack here in Indiana...but good to know!



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The Boys Book of Outdoor SurvivalThe Boys Book of SurivalUsing Math to Survive in the WildAlone in the WildernessCan You Survive in the Jungle?Defying Death in the DesertDisaster in the Mountains!Everest You Decide How to SurviveHow to Survive in AntarcticaLeft for Dead!Survive Alive Finding Your WaySurvivor Kid Wilderness SurvivalTrue Mountain Rescue StoriesTrue Wilderness Rescue StoriesThe World's Most Amazing Survival Stories

And while you're getting your own skills up to par try some of these survival stories that put characters to the test. Put yourself in their place. Could YOU do it? For me...dangling from rock outcroppings, dodging poisonous lizards, eating! Living in the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse...yes!

Alabama MoonCall it CourageThe Girl Who Owned a CityThe CayHatchetHolesIsland of the Blue DolphinsJulie of the WolvesMy Side of the MountainPoppyRobinson CrusoeSign of the BeaverMaroonedShipwreck at the Bottom of the WorldThe Swiss Family RobinsonTrue Confessions of Charlotte DoyleA Girl Named DisasterA Long Walk to WaterNight of the Howling DogsSmall as an Elephant

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