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Talking to Kids about COVID-19

07/12/2020 | COVID-19

Listening to the news and overhearing grown-ups may cause children anxiety or fear about the coronavirus. Being in school again has probably caused that anxiety level to increase. Kids might be feeling anxious, afraid, alone, bored, uncertain, and overwhelmed. They may also be coping with feelings of grief over the experiences they have missed or be feeling homesick for the grandparents, babysitters, friends, and others they have still not been able to see like they did before. The excitement and traditional routines that usually come with a new school year are disrupted and there are many unknowns.

In order to help us help the children we care about, many trusted medical organizations and child development experts are providing accurate and continually updated information so that families can stay as informed and healthy as possible.

A good place to start for some simple tips about talking to kids about the virus itself is Coronavirus Do's & Don'ts for Parents Talking to Children from the PBS Learning Media series "Meet the Helpers." Another good support is the COVID-19 24/7 Parenting Portal. The portal draws on the expertise of several leading health organization from all over the world. It includes tips, activities and 12 one-page printable sheets covering topics like staying positive, creating a daily routine, avoiding bad behavior, managing stress, and talking about COVID-19. Because sharing this information is such a global effort the tip sheets are available in 75+ languages.

COVID-19 Parenting

In addition to these parenting guides, global health and child development experts, children's hospitals, authors, children's book publishers and more have partnered to produce books, videos, activity guides, and coloring books designed especially for children that you can view or download free.

For more help talking to kids try:


These titles can be comfortable conversation starters when talking to young children. Some of them are e-books you can read together online and some of them are .pdfs you read together online or print out to share like a traditional book.
Coronavirus A Book for ChildrenCoronavirus A Book for Children AudiobookExploring the New Coronavirus a Comic for KidsExplorando el coronavirusWhat Is COVID-19?Hi This is CoronavirusA Kid's Guide to CoronavirusWhat Is COVID-19?Que es COVID 19?

Videos & Podcasts:

For children who are most comfortable listening or watching, these videos explain the basics of viruses, the coronavirus specifically, and the effort being made by medical helpers all over the world to develop good wellness advice, medicine, and a vaccine.

Printables, Coloring Books & Activity Guides:

IndyPL e-Books and Streaming Videos about Germs for Littles

Your Littles can stay home, rest, and learn about germs and illnesses with these comforting germ-free e-books, audiobooks, and streaming videos available with your library card. #indyplkids IndyPL_DebL

Curious George Discovers Germs

Rey, H. A.

This series is all about discovery, adventure and having fun with learning! Journey into a fever-induced dream in which George goes inside the body to learn all about germs. This adventure is jam-packed with additional science facts, real photos, experiments, activities, and more! An Axis 360 ebook.

Mr. Putter & Tabby Catch the Cold

Rylant, Cynthia

When Mr. Putter comes down with a cold, Mrs. Teaberry and her lovable dog, Zeke, come to the rescue, in a wonderful story of friendship. An Axis 360 ebook.

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon

Several sniffling dinosaurs show what to do and not do to get better. This Kanopy streaming video is based on the lovable character book and is always available.