We Don't Eat Our Classmates!Little T-Rex Penelope has a rough first day of school. It's hard when you don't know all the rules yet. For starters, you can't eat your classmates, no matter how tasty they are! Penelope's teacher is all about her students learning what good behavior is: "We don't eat our classmates! Please spit them out at once!" Penelope's classmates chime in too, "Mrs. Noodleman, Penelope ate William Omoto again!" Can Penelope learn to keep her hands (and teeth) to herself and make friends at school? Little dinosaur lovers who have faced a new situation that makes them feel different or unsure of the rules will be cheering for Penelope and her class as they learn to get along in the classroom, no matter how different they are. Dinosaur stories are a perennial favorite. We have selected some of our favorites below as well as some printable activities about dinosaurs.

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