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Power to the Preschoolers! Introducing Elections to Kids

11/01/2018 | For Parents, Video Read Aloud

If I Ran for PresidentEven small children can begin to understand the basic concept of voting as a method for making a group decision. Who wants pizza for dinner? Who wants mac 'n cheese? The resources below can help you begin talking with your child about the upcoming election.

If I Ran for President is a great introductory look at what it means to run for office as well as a first look at the election process. The concepts are explained in the simple terms appropriate for children. For a funnier look at politics try out Duck for President. When Duck becomes dissatisfied by the conditions in the barn working for Farmer Brown he decides it would be better to be the bird in charge! Clever cartoon illustrations show some of the iconic events associated with elections like parades, speeches on a stage, town meetings, campaign posters and a motorcade. Your child will also find out that being the boss is not as easy as it looks!

You can watch a video read aloud of If I Ran for President with your child right now!

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