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Don’t Sit Still! Interactive Picture Books for Active Little Readers

01/02/2020 | Online Storytime

Print books that include simple interactive entertainment are a childhood favorite. Traditional examples include pop-up books or Where's Waldo style search and find books. There are some unique ones too, like Wonders of the USA, which utilizes a flashlight to make images appear. In other interactive books, like Tap to Play!, children decide when to turn the page or shout directions to a book character.

These books are commonly very funny and are especially wonderful for children who find it difficult to sit still and respond well to interspersed movement and talking rather than long stretches of quiet listening. These books make wonderful gifts that just might result in a "thank you!" as well as a "read it again!" To get an idea what sharing one of these books might be like, you can try one of them right now. Listen to the author, B.J. Novak, read his uncommonly plain but hilarious story, The Book With No Pictures:

More than Reading: Interactive Books for Children

These books demand to be more than read. They want you to touch them, shake them, turn them, poke them and talk back to them (because they are talking directly to you!). #indyplkids IndyPL_WillS

The Monster at the End of This Book

Stone, Jon

Poor Grover. Every time you turn a page, you bring him closer to the MONSTER at the end of the book.

Is There A Dog in This Book?

Schwarz, Viviane

There are three cats in this book, and you need to help them hide from the scary dog.

This Book Just Ate My Dog!

Byrne, Richard

Bella lost her dog in the middle of the book. You can help find her dog and all the others who tried to help her, too. Check out other stories of Bella and Ben by the same author.

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