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Kwanzaa and Nguzo Saba with Kids

11/22/2020 | Black History, Holidays & Seasons

Nguzo Saba are the seven principles of African Heritage celebrated during Kwanzaa.

1. Umoja (Unity)
2. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)
3. Ujima (Responsibility)
4. Ujamaa (Cooperative economics)
5. Nia (Purpose)
6. Kuumba (Creativity)
7. Imani (Faith)

In L'il Rabbit's Kwanzaa, L'il Rabbit is having a rough Kwanzaa. He loves the big Kwanzaa feast called Karamu but he may miss it because his grandmother isn't feeling well. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, L'il Rabbit remembers that Kwanzaa is a time for helping. He tells his animal friends that his Grandma is ill and the animals show up with food and gifts to help L'il Rabbit and his Grandma celebrate anyway. Kwanzaa is a relatively new holiday, but its roots run deep in African tradition by incorporating several different celebrations into one.

Listed below are more Kwanzaa stories to check out with your library card and activities you can share with your kids to celebrate spirit of Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principals of Kwanzaa).

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15 Books for Kids to Celebrate Kwanzaa and Nguzo Saba

Kwanzaa is a weeklong celebration in the U.S. that honors African heritage. It is observed from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, ending with gifts and a feast. Kwanzaa features customs from different traditional African celebrations such as those of the Ashanti and Zulu. Celebrations include singing, dancing, storytelling and African drums. #indyplkids IndyPL_CarrieW

Seven Spools of Thread

A Kwanzaa Story

Medearis, Angela Shelf

When they are given the impossible task of turning thread into gold, seven Ashanti brothers put aside their differences, learn to get along, and use the principles of Kwanzaa to complete their task.

Seven Candles for Kwanzaa

Describes the origins and practices of Kwanzaa, the seven-day festival during which people of African descent rejoice in their ancestral values. This is a streaming video you can check out with your IndyPL library card.

Habari Gani? What's the News?

A Kwanzaa Story

Morninghouse, Sundaira

A seven-year-old American girl of African descent describes her family's attempt to make the celebration of Kwanzaa, a colorful, week-long festival of food and African traditions, part of their Christmas season.