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10/06/2019 | halloween, Holidays, Read Right Now!

Here are some fun stories to help calm some typical childhood fears, like monsters, with laughing! In I Need My Monster Ethan checks under his bed and can't find Gabe, the monster who lives there. Ethan finds a note Gabe left that says, "Gone fishing. Back in a week." Ethan doesn't think he can sleep without Gabe so he tries to find a substitute. Listen below as Rita Moreno shares Ethan's quest as he interviews candidates who have pointy teeth, sharp claws, and tails, but they are not Gabe! Ethan needs his monster back!

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In Hey, That's My Monster (Read by Lily Tomlin) Ethan helps his sister find an under-the-bed monster for herself. Goodnight Goon is a parody of the childhood classic Goodnight Moon in which a child says goodnight to all of the things in his bedroom. In this Halloween version, a young monster says goodnight to all the things in his tomb...hairy claws and jaws and a pot full of goo and a werewolf hollering, "boo!"

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    8 Books to Turn Halloween Fear into Halloween Fun!

    Many small children don’t find Halloween fun at all! The masks, the jumping out surprises and all the ghosts, vampires & scary looking pumpkins can be too many surprises for little trick-or-treaters. Below are several stories that can help kids turn their Halloween fears into Halloween fun. If Arthur & Scaredy Squirrel can do it, so can your child!

    “It can be fun to be scared, as many of us will recall from Halloweens past. But if we think back, we’ll probably agree that there were two things that made it possible for that scariness to be fun. First, that we knew we were safe because someone we loved was nearby. Second, we knew that whatever was scaring us was only pretend.” ~Fred Rogers Smart words from Mr. Rogers! #indyplkids IndyPL_CarrieW