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Helping Kids Master Hand Washing, Masks & Social Distancing

01/01/2022 | Online Storytime, COVID-19, Health & Wellness

For young children, part of growing up is learning that certain tasks are their job to remember to do without a reminder. For example, kids learn to put their name at the top of their papers without the teacher asking. They learn to keep their own shoes tied. They often learn a hand signal from the teacher that means "quietly put away your things and line up at the door." During the COVID-19 pandemic, new routines about wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing have become a part of each student's daily routine at school and at home.

Helping young children build these new health safety skills into their everyday behaviors and routines is a goal for parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and other caring adults. Books can help! Use these books and online resources to start conversations about these important behaviors. Once these safety routines are just part of their normal day, a child's attention can instead be on the more exciting, interesting, and fun things that will happen at school and at home! And also, your child's teacher will thank you!

For additional ideas about using books to help kids understand and cope with school and COVID-19 try:

Wearing a Mask

Even young children are familiar with washing their hands before eating or after going to the bathroom, but wearing a face mask is a brand new behavior for them - as well as for all the adults around them! Here are some resources to help talk to them about face masks and when and where they will be expected to wear one. Even if it fogs up their glasses. Even if it is hot.

Tip: How to Wear a Face Mask, Wearing a Cloth Face Covering and Who Wears Masks? are all available in multiple languages. When you open one, click the narration button to select a language.

How to Wear a Face MaskComo-Usar-un-TapabocasWearing a Cloth Face CoveringComo usar una cubierta de tela para la cara>Wearing MasksUsando MascarasWho Wears Masks?Quien es Mascarillas?

Social Distancing

Social distancing is another behavior that is brand new and oh so hard to remember when your first instinct is to greet a friend with a hug or high five. These resources will help you explain why this is important as well as give you ideas for helping kids understand what the distance of six feet looks like.

Tips: From My Window was produced by the United Nations and includes illustrations of children all over the world. This is the House We Sheltered In is available as both a printable mini book or a video read aloud. What is Social Distancing is available in multiple languages. When you open it, click the narration button to select a language.

From My WindowWhy Can't I Go to School?Porque-no-puedo-ir-a-la-escuelaThis is the House We Shelter InWhere Did Everyone Go?Stay at Home! Poems and Prose for Children Living in LockdownTogether Living Life with COVID 19 150Unstuck!What Is Social Distancing?Que es el distanciamiento social

Hand Washing

Hand washing is the skill many small children are already familiar with, but what they might not know is how to do it well. And they may be surprised, and unhappy, about the number of times they will need to do it.

Tips: H is for Hand Washing is an online storybook from Sesame Street that introduces young children to the universal experience of hand washing by sharing how kids wash their hands all over the world. Wash Your Hands is available in multiple languages. When you open it, click the narration button to select a language.

H is for Handwashing Read AlongI Can Be Safe and Healthy By Washing My Hands¡Puedo estar seguro y saludable lavándome las manos!Wash Your HandsLavate las manos