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Read Right Now! Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

05/06/2020 | Online Storytime

Kids are watching delivery trucks, the neighbor’s car, and the occasional pick-up truck towing a trailer with a lawn mower on it roll by outside the window. Toy trucks, cars, and construction machines are probably rolling around “roads” and “construction sites” inside the house also!

Using topics of interest to children, and things that are part of their everyday lives, is a great way to support early literacy. Singing songs, reading books, playing, making up stories, and having lively conversations all give a big boost to getting ready to read and becoming an eager reader. The books and activities listed here all provide ways to practice pre-reading, and reading skills at home and have fun in the process!

Sloth at the Zoom

Speaking of delivery trucks, here is a story about a sloth that is delivered to the “Zoom” instead of the “Zoo!” You might want to have a nice nap after enjoying this book, but then you will be refreshed and ready to speed into your day! Vroom…! If you live in Indianapolis you can just click on the book cover to read the story right now online. When you are done you can read ALL of the books in the Tumblebook Library! If you have never used the Tumblebook Library before, here is a wonderful video tutorial to help get you started.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

You can also use your IndyPL library card to stream movies for kids from a service called Hoopla. Our favorite Hoopla category is, you guessed it, Hoopla Picture Book videos. There are hundreds of stories available like Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, a story about the tough trucks and big machines that work hard all day but drift off to sleep with a quiet goodnight just like kids do! Just click on the book cover to check out the story from Hoopla. If you have never Hoopla before here is some user support: Directions and a Video Tutorial.

More FREE Online e-books about Things That Go

Just click on a book jacket to hear the story read aloud!

Elbow GreaseLittle ExcavatorSmash CrashSupertruckThomas to the RescueThe Bingity Bangity School BusThe Happy Man and His Dump TruckI'm a Monster TruckI'm a TruckMuddy Mud BudScuffy the TugboatThe Too Little Fire EngineTootleWith Any Luck I'll Drive a TruckHere Comes the Garbage Barge

You can also use your IndyPL library card to check out e-books and audiobooks about all kinds of vehicles right to your device.

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Websites, Activities and Printables:

Did you know? Driving pretend cars is great pre-writing practice! Moving fingers and hands in pre-writing patterns such as zig-zags, horizontal, and vertical lines is great practice for the fine motor movements that are required for writing letters!


Picture book fun with trucks, cars and construction equipment

Start your read aloud engines! All these books are available from IndyPL electronically using Axis 360 kids!

Trucks Go

Light, Steve

With large text, colorful, simple illustrations, and lots of sounds to make and repeat with your child, this book is perfect for the youngest truck experts!

Diggers Go

Light, Steve

Skoooom Brumm Rumble ... Looking at the letters and making the sounds of construction equipment is perfect pre-reading fun.

Wake up Engines

Mortensen, Denise Dowling

In this delightful book the author uses rhyming text and bright, cheerful illustrations to blend a child's morning routine with the activity of real, and toy vehicles.