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Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad DayHas your child ever had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? In this story Alexander sure does. He doesn't like what he has to wear and he doesn't like what he has to do and the "I don't likes" last all day long! My kids loved this book so much we started to call these days "Alexander Days" when one of them had one. In fact, getting this book out to read when one of them was having a grumpy day often made the day instantly better! It's book magic! You can watch a video read aloud of Judith Viorst, the author, reading the Alexander story right now.

Listed below are more stories about kids overcoming bad days. It's fun to watch a child recognize themselves in these stories that often point out the humor in what happens when we are grumpy or tired or hungry. In these stories unruly kids, frogs and beasts find out that all of us have a bad day now and then. Tomorrow will be a better one!

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I Will Not Smile...Hmph!

Grumpy stories for grumpy kids. #indyplkids

Penguin Problems

John, Jory

A sweet read for when it's just plain hard to look on the bright side.

I Hate Everyone

Danis, Naomi

Even on what "should" be a fun day, the young narrator struggles through her birthday, one blunder after another. The vivid illustrations illicit the feelings of grump that are all too relatable.

Grump Groan Growl

hooks, bell

A wonderful option for encouraging little ones to embrace their feelings and work through them mindfully.