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11/18/2019 | Seasons, Online Storytime

Snow Globe Wishes

On an evening when the weather report predicts a snowstorm and the first flakes are beginning to fall, the wind starts to blow, the lights go out, and parents are late getting home. All of these things could seem a bit scary, instead, what follows in Snow Globe Wishes is the very best part of living in the blustery midwest - the lovely things that happen when snow slows us down to enjoy "a snow globe day."

Picnic dinners, candlelight. Darkness draws us close tonight. Blanket forts. Crawl in. Scoot over. Kitten purrs. Me, too! barks Rover. Snow globe wishes. Close your eyes. Snowplows rumble lullabies.

The morning brings a fresh blanket of snow and everyone comes out to play! After reading this one, "a snow globe day" just might enter your family's vocabulary!

Listed below or more stories and activities to enjoy about winter. You can listen to the video read aloud Little Owl's Snow right now!

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It's Cold, But It's Snow Much Fun! 26 Winter Favorites for Kids

It's true, there's no day like a snow day! Go out and play, and then cuddle up with some hot chocolate and a stack of these favorite winter tales. #indyplkids

Penny and Her Sled

Henkes, Kevin

Penny has a new sled, but will it ever snow? She waits patiently at first but then begins to imagine that her sled is sad, leaning against the wall with nothing to do, so she decides to think outside the box to give her sled, her siblings, and herself a fun time without snow!

Curious About Snow

Shaw, Gina

Learn about snow--how snowflakes are formed, why they fall, if each snowflake is really unique, and other facts. Also learn about Wilson A. Bentley, the first person to photograph an individual snowflake.

The Snowy Day

Keats, Ezra Jack

The adventures of a little boy in the city on a very snowy day.