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Teddy Bear Concerts at Central Library

Young children are invited to move along to music performed by musicians from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra during Teddy Bear Concerts at Central Library! Hug your teddy and listen to the adventure filled story of a boy’s search through an orchestra for a special musical instrument.

Teddy Bear Concerts encourage children to listen to the individual instruments as they are played together. Identifying differences in musical sounds is one of the Indiana Standards for Kindergarten (K.6.1). You can encourage this development by playing with sounds while singing in the car, banging on different surfaces, or listening to a variety of musical instruments. Stay tuned for more information regarding our fall Teddy Bear Concert schedule.

Do Re (read to) Me : Musical Picture Books

Here are some books to checkout that are perfect for beginning readers and parents that like a little singing with storytime!

A-tisket, A-tasket

Fitzgerald, Ella

This classic song is paired with cute, colorful illustrations for a fun sing-a-long.

The Seals on the Bus

Hort, Lenny

...go Arf Arf Arf! Animal noises abound in this funny, familiar story.

If You're Groovy and You Know It, Hug A Friend!

Litwin, Eric

A sweet twist on "If You're Happy and You Know It" that teaches kiddos to appreciate every day.