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IndyPL Announces New Borrowing Practices

IndyPL Announces New Borrowing Practices
IndyPL Announces New Borrowing Practices

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the Library experience for patrons, The Indianapolis Public Library will adjust the number of times that items can be renewed as well as increase the loan period for DVDs and Blu-rays.

As of January 1, 2019, patrons can renew items up to 10 times online or through phone renewal, as long as there are no holds requested by other users. With a loan period of 21 days for materials other than feature film DVDs, the change from essentially an unlimited number of renewals will allow items to be available to the largest number of people. If a patron still needs an item after 10 renewals, or 30 weeks of use, and barring other hold requests, one can go into any IndyPL location where the item can be checked out again for a fresh set of renewals.

“The new renewal limit will ensure that a vibrant collection of books is available for browsing and check out at all of our branches,” said Deb Lambert, IndyPL’s Director of Collection Management. “It will help to keep items circulating instead of inadvertently being forgotten about or being in possession of patrons for unnecessarily long periods of time.”

The change won’t affect any of the Library’s electronic materials that automatically expire from a patron’s account after a lending period.

Another IndyPL policy change increases the loan period for current three-day DVDs and Blu-rays to seven days, allowing more time for patrons to keep and enjoy DVDs. This change does not apply to foreign films or DVDs and Blu-rays that have a 21-day loan limit, including children’s DVDs, TV series or adult non-fiction DVDs.

In a related move, the late fee for DVDs has been reduced from one dollar to 25 cents to match the late fee for books.

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