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Download Knitting Patterns or Level Up Your Skills


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What do you tend to do when you are anxious? Binge-watch TV dramas? Eat comfort foods? Play video games? According to neuroscientist Kelly Lambert one of the best ways to decrease anxiety is to work with our hands. Not only is the repetitive act of creating physical things mentally soothing, but the end result provides our brain a reward for the work we’ve done – be it a scarf, a toy, a nice meal, a freshly painted room, or a lovely garden. Thus, if you are currently cooped up at home and anxious, now is the perfect time to learn to knit! The library has tons of e-resources to help you get started if you are new to the craft or to help you find new patterns and techniques if you are already an expert.

Take an Online Class

One place to get started is Universal Class. Not just for learning Excel or HTML, Universal Class has online classes on many different hobbies, including knitting. The Knitting 101 class includes 11 lessons with videos, articles, and classroom forums. Lessons are designed to teach you the basics, including casting on, the knit and purl stitches, binding off, and reading patterns. You will need to sign up for an account to access Universal Class courses. To find the Knitting 101 class, simply search for it once you have created an account, or browse through all of the different classes to see what is available. Give us a call at 317-275-4184 if you have any problems.

Find Patterns and Inspiration

If you already know the basics of knitting and are looking for new patterns or stitches, check out the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center! You will be asked to enter your library card number, but will not need to create an account. Once there, you can search for a pattern directly in the search box (for example type “knitting AND sweater AND pattern”) or you can browse through different categories or popular sources. If you click on Needlecrafts & Textiles, you can then select the Knitting category and narrow down the type of project you are looking for.

If figuring out these resources is overwhelming and your fingers are itching to just get to work, here’s a sampling of a variety of the knitting patterns offered in the database to get you started. Please share the results with us if you make any of these projects!

In addition to Universal Class and the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center, we’ve compiled a list of other e-materials accessible through the library to help expand and improve your knitting repertoire.

If you need more evidence for the power of making, or something to read or listen to while you work, check out the following books on how creation can help bring meaning and purpose to our lives: A Craftsman's Legacy: Why Working With Our Hands Gives Us Meaning by Eric Gorges, Making A Life: Working by Hand and Discovering the Life You Are Meant to Live by Melanie Falick, or Embrace your Weird: A Guided Journal for Facing your Fears and Unleashing Creativity By Felicia Day.


Do you need help learning how to download and stream library materials? Contact the Webmaster or Call-a-Librarian at 317 275-4184.

Crafty Characters Fiction about Knitting

Lacking the motivation to pick up the needles these days? Or are you an aspiring knitter looking for literary inspiration? These novels on knitting will keep you busy either way. #indypladults #e-materials

Marriage of Inconvenience

Knitting in the City, Book 7

Reid, Penny

Reid's contemporary romantic comedy series stars seven friends who are all in the same knitting group in Chicago. In this particular entry, Kat, a quiet knitter and administrative assistant who happens to be the reluctant heiress to a pharmaceutical empire, discovers that the only way to keep her scheming cousin from yanking control of her family's company away and possibly having her committed is to get married! A bit of a ridiculous premise, but fun and well executed. I enjoy any character who likes cheese as much as Kat does.

The Vampire Knitting Club

Vampire Knitting Club Series, Book 1

Warren, Nancy

Vampire grandmothers who knit and sexy detectives? What's not to love? Campy and engaging, this is the perfect book to listen to while perfecting your purl.

The Shop on Blossom Street

Macomber, Debbie

Don't overlook Macomber's classic bit of women's fiction - a sweet story about a little knitting shop that brings together a group of friends to laugh together and comfort one another. This is the type of book can help provide that little bit of coziness that we all need right now. The first in a popular series.