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Climate Improvement Process

Climate Improvement Process

The Ice Miller Racial Equity Solutions Team presented its findings in a special meeting of the IndyPL Diversity, Policy, and Human Resources board committee on March 23, 2022, at 7:30 pm. A live stream of this meeting, the presentation slide-deck, and the full report are linked below.

In September of 2021, The Indianapolis Public Library's board of trustees engaged the Racial Equity Solutions Team of Ice Miller, LLP to lead an organizational climate improvement process. This process, led by Ice Miller's Myra Selby, involved significant input from a team of Library staff representing a diverse range of departments, positions, affiliations, and demographics, working with Ice Miller staff to ensure a clear and effective communication and data collection. The objectives included a comprehensive climate study utilizing qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate the experiences of staff in regards to equity and inclusion in the workplace, culminating in a detailed written report and presentation of their findings an recommendations.

This process included:

  • Anonymous employee climate survey
  • Key stakeholder, board member, and employee focus groups and interviews
  • Racial equity information document review
  • Workforce demographics review
  • Human resources systems and operations review
  • Employee policy audit

IndyPL staff, leadership, and board members will review the climate study recommendations and develop an action strategy to move organization forward, working toward positive, equitable experiences for both staff and patrons.