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Northstar Digital Literacy

Need tech training? Northstar Digital Literacy is an online platform that provides on-demand, interactive digital literacy training and assessments. Use assessments to evaluate your skills and set learning goals! Then, complete lessons to gain new digital skills.

Topics Offered

Essential Computer Skills

  • Basic Computer Skills*
  • Internet Basics*
  • Using Email*
  • Windows*
  • Mac OS*

Essential Software Skills

  • Microsoft Word*
  • Microsoft Excel*
  • Microsoft PowerPoint*
  • Google Doc*

Using Technology in Daily Life

  • Social Media*
  • Information Literacy*
  • Career Search Skills*
  • Accessing Telehealth Appointments*
  • Your Digital Footprint*

*Spanish assessment or lesson also available.

Getting Started

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Want to earn a free certificate on the skills you learn?

Attend a program that offers Northstar Assessment Proctoring – if you can pass an assessment during the session with a score of 85% or above, you can earn a certificate. Can’t make a program? Staff in the Innovation Learning Lab at Central Library can provide assessments during the Innovation Learning Lab’s open hours.

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