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The Library has books, music, movies, and digital collections that are great opportunities to learn about Black history. If you are in need of suggestions for what to check out next, here are some ways to get started - re-read a classic or favorite, find out about an author you have never read, reflect on what you remember, or discover a piece of history you didn't know!

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February 1 to March 25

Gala Opening Reception February 11
Celebrate Indianapolis’ talented Black artists, fashion designers, authors, comedians, and musicians for the 35th anniversary Meet The Artists exhibit at Central Library. This year’s exhibit highlights the works of numerous individuals who have shared their talents and creativity with the Indianapolis community throughout the event's 35 year history.

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Black Poets You Need to Read!

Classic, contemporary, and modern poets are all included in this list to provide a balanced start to a reader's journey through the realm of Black poetry. Expect to feel a flurry of emotion when reading any of these titles - poetry is an art form that has the ability to move even the most stoic of readers.

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Take Your Child to The Library Day

February 4
Come visit us for free, fun, fabulous activities! Play, discover, make friends, and have fun! Then stop in again soon – because every day is a great day to take your child to the library!

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Indy Library Store Book Sale

February 10 - 14
Discover the treasures of Indy Library Store! Find recent bestsellers, classics, DVDs and Blu-rays, music CDs, LPs, audiobooks, and more at discount prices — for adults, kids, and teens!

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Tax Forms and Filing Your 2022 Income Taxes

Tax time is here! Many Library patrons rely on IndyPL for tax forms and filing instruction booklets. Here is what to expect if you come into a Library for tax documents as well as information about helpful tax resources.

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Find Your Next Great Read

Are you looking for your next read? We can help! Visit us in person, explore reading recommendations online, join an in-person or online book discussion, get recommendations on Facebook or tune in to our televised book club segments!

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