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Muscular System

03/10/2017 | Human Body

Muscular System

The Muscular System moves the body, gives it posture and circulates the blood. It is made up of three types of muscles: skeletal, smooth & cardiac muscles. The books, websites and other activities on this page will help you get starting doing research to learn how the muscular system makes your body move.

Websites, Activities & Printables:

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Human Body Facts and Functions Revealed in Diagrams, Infographics, and Photographs

15 books for kids that explore the digestive, circulatory, nervous, excretory, muscular, and respiratory systems. Learn the names of each body part and all the details about how they function together to keep us breathing, dancing, jumping and running. #indyplkids IndyPL_CarrieW


Davies, Kate

Rather than using clear plastic pages to reveal different layers of the body, this one uses color lenses to reveal them. Red reveals the skeleton, green reveals muscles, and blue reveals organs.

See Inside the Human Body

5 See-through Pages Reveal the Body's Systems

Hilton, Samantha

This one has the clear plastic pages you can turn to reveal the different layers of the human body. Peel back the skin and the muscles to "see" the deeper nerves and organs of the body systems.

Understanding Our Muscles

Beevor, Lucy

All about how muscles, tendons, and nerves work together to make our bodies move.