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Science Experiment: Newton's Third Law of Motion

07/13/2021 | Science Experiments

Laws of Motion and Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was an English scientist. He was born in 1642 and died in 1727. This was around the time of the early colonization of North America: the founding of some of the original 13 colonies, the French and Indiana wars and the Salem witch trials, but before the American Revolution.

Newton is best known for three very important principles of physics called classical mechanics. These principles describe how things move and are referred to today by his name - Newton's Laws of Motion. There are three of them, Newtons First, Second and Third Law of Motion. Today's experiment will demonstrate Newton's Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. SIMPLY: If you push an object, that object pushes back in the opposite direction equally hard.

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Newton's Laws of Motion: The Science Behind How Things Move

Newton's Laws of Motion explain force and motion, or why things move the way they do. They are great concepts to explore by doing a science experiment. These are especially good science project ideas for kids who like to move! The concepts can often be explained using sports equipment or by understanding how amusement park rides work. These books offer ideas for physics experiments that demonstrate force and motion and the laws that govern them. Some of them provide the background information needed for the report that is often required to go with projects for the science fair.

The Gravity Tree

The True Story of A Tree That Inspired the World

Redding, Anna Crowley

Part scientific explanation, part biography, this book explores the life and discoveries of Isaac Newton that have inspired the world's greatest minds for over three and a half centuries

Janice VanCleave's Physics for Every Kid

Easy Activities That Make Learning Science Fun

VanCleave, Janice Pratt

Presents eighty experiments relating to physics using materials readily available around the house.

The Secret Science of Sports

The Math, Physics, and Mechanical Engineering Behind Every Grand Slam, Triple Axel, and Penalty Kick

Swanson, Jennifer

Learn how the principles of STEM are behind every soccer kick, slap shot, home run, and slam dunk.