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09/13/2021 | Online Storytime, Reading Ready

Harry the Dirty Dog

Kids love dogs. Our librarians do too! When asked which book dogs are their favorite for storytime, Harry the Dirty Dog and Bark, George won by a landslide! Harry is the story of a pooch who doesn't want to take a bath. George is about a puppy whose mother can't seem to teach him how to bark. "Meow," says George! Watch the video of Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog right now!

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After listening to the story, talk about some of the things that happened in it.

  • What does Harry look like?
  • What does Harry do to avoid taking a bath?
  • Why does Harry decide to leave home?
  • What did Harry do to show his family who he was?

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Click on one of the book covers below and listen to more dog stories read aloud. You can see all the librarians' selections below to make bedtime just as much fun as storytime!

The Poky Little PuppyMister DogA Greyhound, a GroundhogSome Dogs DoR is for RocketThe Night I Followed the DogCharlie the Ranch DogDogs at WorkIf I Had a PuppyAir DogsAfrican Wild Dogs

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Are you ready for a PAW Patrol sing along? PAW patrol is on a roll with this compilation of PAW Patrol nursery rhymes!

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Find some crayons or makers to color a picture, practice writing the letters, or see if you can follow your way through a maze without getting stuck.

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Set up an outdoor hunt, but instead of Easter eggs, hung for dog bones! Or, instead of "Simon Says" play "The Dog Trainer Says" so kids can sit, bark, stay, and fetch, just like their favorite dog storybook characters.

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IndyPL Librarian Picks: Picture Books for Kids in Puppy Love

Kids love dogs. Our librarians do too! When asked which book dogs are their favorite for story time, Harry the Dirty Dog and Bark, George won by a landslide! Here are some suggestions from them for little readers who can't get enough puppy love. E-books and downloadable audiobooks are available.

Bark, George

Kids will laugh out loud when little George opens his mouth and out comes, "meow' or "oink" or "moo." Kids can't correct George fast enough!


Rey, Margret

Pretzel is a lot like Clifford the Big Red Dog, except he's a little puppy that grows into a long, long dog! In fact, he is the longest dog in the world!

Dog Man

Pilkey, Dav

George and Harold create a new comic book hero in Dog Man, a crimefighter with the head of a police dog and the body of a policeman, who faces off against his archnemesis Petey the cat.