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8 Nights of Bedtime Stories for Hanukkah


There are so many great Hanukkah books you can read more than one each night! Here are two about clever girls problem solving their way out of Hanukkah trouble. Little Red Ruthie is the story of a little girl who sets out with a basket full of goodies to help her Bubbe Basha make latkes for Hanukkah. Like the other Little Red you know, she meets a big scary wolf while walking in the woods and the wolf declares, "I am going to eat you up!" Will she be able to convince the wolf that latkes taste a whole lot better than she does?

You can listen to the video read aloud Hanukkah in Alaska right now read aloud by Molly Ephraim. It is the story of what Hanukkah is like for a little girl living during a long, cold Alaskan winter. For her, daylight only lasts for five hours and she doesn't have squirrels or rabbits in her backyard, she has a moose! Can she convince the moose to leave her trees and her swing alone! Listed below are even more Hanukkah stories you can check out with your library card.

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8 Nights of Bedtime Stories for Hanukkah

Here are 25 wonderful Hanukkah stories - so many you can read more than one each night! #indyplkids IndyPL_CarrieW

All-of-a-kind Family Hanukkah

Jenkins, Emily

In 1912 New York, Gertie feels left out while Mama and her four older sisters cook Hanukkah dinner, but Papa comes home and asks her help with an important task.

Latke, the Lucky Dog

Fischer, Ellen

A family rescues a dog from a shelter during Hanukkah, and the pup proceeds to create holiday chaos as he gets used to his new home.

Little Red Ruthie

A Hanukkah Tale

Koster, Gloria

With jars full of sour cream and applesauce in her basket, Little Red Ruthie is on her way to Bubbe Basha's house to make latkes for Hanukkah! But along the path she meets a scary wolf who wants to eat her. Can Ruthie use her wits and powers of persuasion to convince the wolf that latkes will taste better than she will?