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Meet the Artists

Exhibit at Central Library
January 31 - March 23, 2024

View the works of prominent local African American artists during one of the city’s premiere cultural events. Works will be on display throughout Central Library during regular Library hours. Our annual Meet the Artists exhibit was created to supply an avenue for local, talented African-American artists to show off their creative works, artists whose works might not otherwise have a chance to appear in front of such a large audience.The event provides an opportunity to educate the community at large and promote the work of the artists.

Featured Artists

South Display Hall, Simon Reading Room, and the Center for Black Literature & Culture

  • Aaron Dorsett
  • Ana Beverly
  • Bernade Flournoy
  • Dana Smith
  • James Pate
  • Jeana Lewis
  • Kenneth Hordge
  • Kenny Mason
  • Lundyn Hughes
  • Mychael Metcalf
  • Nick Hoggs
  • Omar Rashan
  • Precious Norris
  • Robert Burden Jr.
  • Rochelle Richardson
  • Tiffany Ra Chel
  • T-Marie Artistry
  • Tony Styxx

Textile Artists | Upright Display Cases on Floors 3-5

  • Derek Tuder
  • Gary Gee
  • Januarie York
  • Matthew Cooper
  • Regina Jordan

Large Sculpture Artists | Installation on Floors 3-4

  • Dennis Green
  • We Are Indy Arts Collaborative

Youth Exhibit | Simon Reading Room

  • Dallas Garrett

Authors | Display Case Floor 3

  • Charlotte Brown
  • Devi Davis
  • Mattie Jones
  • Raynanddole Poindexter

Art and Basketball

Explore the intersection of basketball and the arts - music, poetry, photography, fashion, sculpture, painting and film - as Indianapolis hosts the NBA All-Star Game and IndyPL hosts Meet the Artists XXXVI.

Soul of the Game

Images & Voices of Street Basketball

Huet, John

Extraordinary photos, bits of poetry and a history of the unofficial game: this oldie-but-goodie shines a light on legendary streetball courts and showcases some of the greatest players you've (maybe) never heard of.


The Big Book of Basketball Fashion

Jackson, Mitchell S.

Even before Instagram made pregame tunnel fits a thing, professional players' clothing choices shaped the culture and raised the status of the game off the court. Walk through Jackson's 6 major eras for a glossy retrospective on the interplay of sport and style.

The Story of Basketball in 100 Photographs

Another photographic ode to the sport chronicling pivotal moments in college and pro hoops for men and women. Anyone who's ever hung a poster of their favorite player knows the power of an image to inspire greatness and seal an iconic moment into history.

Made possible by Friends of the Library through gifts to The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation.

Presented by The Indianapolis Public Library African American History Committee.