Curbside Pickup

Stay safe and get your Library materials in a socially distant fashion, with grab-and-go service - just follow the instructions below!

Curbside Pickup

Most locations are open for in-branch services.

Read the in-branch services details including an FAQ and branch hours for BOTH in-branch and curbside services.

Please continue to call during business hours to schedule a time to pick up your materials curbside.

The in-branch service hours at InfoZone are still being coordinated with The Children's Museum. InfoZone is currently only open for curbside service.

Branches that will remain closed are:

  • Lawrence (currently undergoing renovation)

Curbside Pickup Process:

  1. Place a hold by calling one of our locations or by logging into our online catalog. Make sure to confirm the pickup location to the branch of your choice. (You can edit your pickup location in My Settings > Account Preferences.)
  2. When you get notified that your hold is in, call that branch during business hours to let them know when you are planning to pick up your materials. Staff will prepare your pickup. (This is important so we can safely get your materials ready.)
  3. Park your vehicle and call again to let staff know you have arrived. Tell them your name, last four digits of your Library Card, and description of your vehicle. A staff member will bring your hold out to a table or cart in a plastic bag. Remain in your vehicle or stay at least 6 feet away from the tables until the employee places the bag(s) on the table and heads back inside the branch.
  4. Once the staff member has cleared the area and is socially distant, leave your vehicle and grab your bag.
  5. Enjoy!

Please do not return books at the curbside pickup table/cart!

For the safety of all borrowers and library staff, we ask that patrons utilize the book drops for returning materials. This will allow staff to safely and properly process materials for lending again. Book drops will be open at all Library locations except:

  • Lawrence (currently undergoing renovation)

Questions? Call a curbside branch or take a look at our FAQ below.

How can I change the pick up location for my holds?

1. Log into 'My Account'.

2. Go to your 'On Hold' page under 'My Borrowing'.

3. Click on the current library ‘Pick up at’ drop down menu associated with the item for which you want to change the pickup location.

4. Select the branch you would like your holds sent to.

(NOTE: The pickup location for a hold can NOT be changed online once the item is in transit to the current pickup location OR if it’s already on the hold shelf awaiting pickup. If either of these is the case, you will need to call the location that has your hold so they can send it to the location you'd like.)

How should I clean a book safely?

Viruses dry up quickly on paper, and we ask that book pages not be sprayed, wiped, or otherwise made wet, as that would damage the book. You are free to use a disinfectant wipe on the plastic book cover, and to "quarantine" your books before use. Further, please wash hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and do not cough or sneeze on the books.

I returned an item, but it still appears on my "checked out" list. Why?

Returned items are being quarantined for 72 hours before being checked-in and recirculated. Because of this, it may take up to five days for a returned item to appear as "returned" in your account. But don't worry - there are no fines or late fees right now.

If there are no fines or late fees, do I really need to return my book within 21 days?

Libraries work best when everyone shares responsibly - so even if we do not have fines, we ask that you please honor our checkout time limits. If materials are not returned, after enough time passes we would consider the book "lost" and a bill would be sent to replace the item. And we definitely don't want to have to do that!

How is The Library keeping staff safe?

The Library Board of Directors and Executive Committee do not come to these decisions lightly - the safety of our staff, patrons, and volunteers is our top priority. For these reasons we will be constantly evaluating our processes, protective equipment, cleaning materials, and guidance from local health officials.

Specific to the curbside pickup service, we are ensuring staff has appropriate personal protective equipment, practicing social distancing while working, quarantining returned books for 72 hours before handling, and placing security guards at locations.

What if I do not have a vehicle? Can I walk up to get my books?

You can walk up, but the buildings will still be closed to the public. Please maintain a safe distance and call to let staff know you are ready to pick up your hold.

I have books that I checked out before the Library closure. When should I return them?

We do not want everyone returning these items all at once, as it would overwhelm our book drops. We ask that patrons return these items by June 8, and do so only via our book drops.

Can I donate books at a Library?

Due to the efforts to safely prepare our locations for socially distant services, unfortunately at this time we are not prepared to accept book donations at any Library location, including at our Indy Library Store located at the Library Services Center. Please do not leave donations on the curbside pickup table, and do not place donations in the book drops. We will gladly accept donations once again in the future, and will make that announcement when ready.

Can I pause my holds until I am ready to start reading books from the library again?

Yes, you can pause your holds.

1. Login to My Account and select On Hold under My Borrowing. On Hold items that are Not Ready can be paused. Items that are Ready or In Transit may not be paused.

2. Click on “Pause hold” and select a date that you would like the hold to become active again.

3. If you have multiple holds that you would like to pause, select each item by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of the item you would like to pause.

4. After selecting the items you would like to pause, click on “Manage items” at the bottom of the page.

5. Click on “Pause holds” and select a date that you would like the holds become active again.

Go here for more details about pausing your holds.

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