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The Chris Gonzalez Collection


The Chris Gonzalez Collection

In existence for over 25 years, the Chris Gonzalez Library and Archives served as a place where LGBTQ+ people could access materials specific to their community. Curated by Michael Bohr, the library was comprised of over 7,000 titles, mostly from donations from community members.

In 2017, Indy Pride entered into a partnership with The Indianapolis Public Library to receive most of the book and video materials, curate. The now-named Chris Gonzalez Collection is housed at Central Library, with extra copies of items floating throughout the system. IndyPL is committed to building on the foundation of the Chris Gonzalez collection and to continually growing our collection at a higher level of inclusiveness for people of color, women, non-binary, transgender, and lesbian/bisexual/queer/+ authors, as well as people at the intersections of these identities.

There are three ways to find items in the collection:

  • View the Collection in our online catalog.
  • Visit the permanent display highlighting the Collection in the Simon Reading Room at Central Library.
  • Items that are a part of the Collection have an identifying bookplate inside.

The Indianapolis Public Library strives to serve everyone in Marion County. This, of course, includes people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other non-cisgender and non-straight identities. Since 2018, we have been working diligently on improving our collections and adding programs specifically to include and support the LGBTQ+ community and to educate the community at large about LGBTQ+ issues. LGBTQ+ Services@ Your Library


Favorites from the Chris Gonzalez Collection

Here are some of our favorite titles from this new collection! To browse the entire Chris Gonzalez Collection, copy this link and paste it in your browser: #lgbt #lgbtq #indypladults IndyPL_AhliahB

The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You

Bergman, S. Bear

Here we have a collection of essays on gender and identity that many readers, cis and trans, gender conforming or non-conforming, will identify with. This is tug-at-your-heartstrings beautiful - at some points funny, at others devastating.

The Right Side of History

100 Years of LGBTQI Activism

Brooks, Adrian

For us to grow, adapt, and effect real change, we must first know where we started. An essential read, this book compiles first-person accounts of LGBTQ+ activism throughout the years.

Gender Outlaw

On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us

Bornstein, Kate

Though it's a bit on the older side, this book by Kate Bornstein feels exceedingly prescient in its depictions of gender, sexuality, and living on the fringes. Bornstein here describes her journey, gender-wise, religiously, in personal relationships and in business. Also available as a downloadable audiobook!

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