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East 38th Street Zine Collection

Face a Face Coloring Page

You can check out zines by local and BIPOC creators at the East 38th Street Branch. You may be asking- what is a zine? A zine (short for magazine) is often a self-published or small run publication of a specific interest collection of stories, pictures, and comics. Zines provide an alternative point of view that may not be expressed by traditional media or publishers. Zines “embrace individual expression” and “can be thought of as a direct link to an individual’s opinion, personality, or interpretation of the world.” (Stoddart, R.; Kiser, T. "Zines and the Library" Library Resources & Technical Services vol. 48, no. 3, 2013, p. 191-198.)

Established in 2021, the East 38th Street Zine Collection was created to expand the number of available reading materials for library patrons who are seeking different perspectives closer to their own. This collection supports the Library’s mission to provide access to additional material formats written by and for BIPOC through our commitment to racial equity and inclusion. The collection currently contains over 175 zines available for checkout.

One of our local zine-making partners, Face A Face Collective, shared this coloring sheet made from the cover of their art & literature zine. Face A Face Collective focuses on elevating black, brown and marginalized voices in Indianapolis.

Made possible by Friends of the Library through gifts to The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

​ Where can I check out a Zine?

The zine collection is available at the East 38th Street Branch.

Can I return a Zine to any branch?

Yes, although the zines are only currently available at the East 38th Street Branch, they may be returned to any library location or drop box.

How long is the checkout period for the zines?

The checkout period for the zines is 21 days.

How do I get my Zine added to this collection?

Please direct inquiries to Joanna Conrad at the East 38th St. branch.

What Zines are part of the collection?

You can see what titles are in the zine collection at Note that you can’t read the zines online or place holds or requests at this link. Please stop in to the East 38th St. Branch to read or check out these items.