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03/12/2019 | e-materials

We have thousands of e-books (including e-comics) for kids, teens, and adults to check out instantly with a library card. We partner with more than one e-book service. OverDrive/Libby is by far our largest e-book platform. You can also check out e-books and e-comics from Hoopla. We have some services that carry e-books just for kids and teens including Axis 360 kids, Axis 360 teens, and TumbleBook Library (Pre-K through grade 6).

Detailed information about each of these services is available on our download and stream page. If you have never borrowed from one of them before directions are available:

See the tips below for finding available e-books you can borrow without waiting.

Browsing in the website or app of one of these services typically looks like this:

OverDrive Screenshot

If you prefer, you can also check out most (but not all) of our e-books directly from the library catalog. When you see an e-book in the catalog it will typically look like this:

Library Catalog e-Book Screenshot

Whether a person prefers checking out from a service's app, like OverDrive's Libby app, or would rather use the library catalog, is purely personal preference. The advantage of searching in the library's catalog is that you will be searching the e-books of these services all at one time.

We know there are often hold lines for popular titles. Here are some tips for finding e-books that are available for immediate checkout.

Skip the Wait!

Hold lines for e-books can get very long for new and popular titles, but there are actually thousands of e-books available with no hold line. These available titles are often not brand new, but they are what was new last year or the year before. Many are award winning or otherwise wonderful! Here are some tips and tricks for finding e-books to check out immediately.

1. OverDrive/Libby Direct Links to Available Titles

2. The TumbleBook Library (Pre-K through grade 6) has no loan limits and no waiting. Here is a wonderful video tutorial to learn everything you need to know to use the TumbleBook Library.

3. Hoopla has created a collection of bonus borrows that don’t count against your monthly borrowing limit. You can borrow as many as you'd like!

4. Young readers shouldn't miss 500+ e-Book & Video Read Alouds for Kids (these do not require a library card.) There are even more opportunities for learning how to find children's books that are read aloud online at Share Stories, Games, and Activities with Children. These include streaming picture books, online read alongs, and online story time.

5. Find 50 free classics on Free e-Book Classics for Kids and Adults

6. The World Book e-Books collection features over 2,500 titles. There is a lot of non-fiction included, particularly science and social studies. There is also a pretty large collection of early readers and an enormous collection of classics.(Once you open the page and enter your library card number, click on the e-books section.)

Tips for Searching OverDrive/Libby for Available Titles

If you use OverDrive's website:

After doing a search in OverDrive you can narrow your results down to just available e-books by using the "Available Now" filter. It is on the left side of the screen.

OverDrive Available Now Filter Screenshot

If you use OverDrive's Libby app:

Libby App Available Now Preference Screenshot
Axis 350 app Refine Filter Screenshot

You can set a preference so that you only see titles that are "available now". As you search, results will only be titles that are immediately available. If you do this, you will need to remember to change your preference back to "Everything" when you want to see the entire collection again and put titles on hold if they are not available.

If you don't want "available now" as a default preference setting, you can click on "Refine" after any search to open up a drop-down menu. The last choice is "Availability". Choose "Available Now".

Libby App Explore Options Screenshot

Two great options for simply browsing available titles are both under the "Explore" option on the Libby app. If you choose "What's Available" you can see a list of available e-books that are simply in order by popularity. Just scroll through and pick one to read.

The "Skip the Line" list is a little different. We call these "Lucky Day" also. These are titles that DO have long wait lists, but you get to skip to the top of the wait list if you choose one of them. They are, however, a 7 day checkout and are not renewable.It's like winning the lottery. It's your lucky day!

Tips for Searching Axis 360 for Available Titles

The Axis 360 website and app look very similar. On the right you can choose if you want to see only available titles. Click on the upside down arrow and choose "Available Now". Once you do that, no matter what search you do, you will only be shown titles that are available for checkout. Axis 360 will remember this setting for the current session you are in, but as soon as you log out, it will forget it. You will have to choose that option again the next time you search.

Axis 360 Website Availability Filter Screenshot

If you just want to narrow down search results to "available now" as you go, search as you normally would and then use the "REFINE" feature on the right. Choose "Availability" and then select "Available Now".

Axis 360 Website Refine Filter Screenshot

Tips for Searching the Library Catalog for Available Titles

Use the filters on the left to narrow down your search results. After entering your search, choose the format filter "e-books". If you only want to see the e-books that are immediately available, use the "available now" filter. Click on the upside down arrow next to the words "Available Now." A list of locations will appear. Scroll to the end of the list and choose "show more". When that screen opens select "IndyPL - Web". Click the "x" to close the window. Your results will now be the e-books in your search results that do not have any holds on them.

Overdrive Screenshot

Do you need help learning how to download and stream library materials? Contact the Webmaster or Call-a-Librarian at 317 275-4184.