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03/13/2020 | e-materials

You can read and download full issues of popular magazines with your IndyPL library card. We offer two different platforms for borrowing e-Magazines, RBdigital and Flipster. Both Flipster and RBdigital have e-magazines for kids and teens Flipster (Kids and Teens) and RBdigital (Kids and Teens).

Detailed information about each of these services is available on our download and stream page. If you have never borrowed from one of these platforms before directions are available:

While e-magazines are listed and find-able in the library's catalog, e-magazines are actually far easier to read in a service's website or app. In the website or app you can just click on a magazine cover to get started. Here is what magazine choices typically look like in a service's website or app:

e-Magazine Service Screenshot

If you click on one of the magazine covers, the next screen typically looks like this. If you want to see back issues you just click on "All Issues." Easy.

The New Yorker e-Magazine Screenshot

This is what magazine listings look like in the library catalog:

Library Catalog e-Magazine Entry Screenshot

If you "Click here for full text" this is what it looks like:

Library Catalog New Yorker Issue Screenshot

The actual magazine is still several clicks away. Enough said. Ha! If you are just wanting to pass a lazy afternoon by the pool or flip through a magazine during lunch, the websites and apps for these services are much easier to use than the library catalog.

Although there are MANY more, here is a small sampling of the magazines available in each service:

Featured RBdigital Magazines Include: (RBdigital has magazines in 17 languages)

  • New Yorker
  • US Weekly
  • Indianapolis Monthly
  • Newsweek
  • Food Network Magazine
  • HGTV Magazine
  • Good Housekeeping
  • In Touch Weekly
  • Vanity Fair
  • Vogue GQ
  • Esquire
  • Wired TV Guide

Featured Flipster Magazines include:

  • People Entertainment Weekly
  • Time
  • The Atlantic
  • Essence
  • Eating Well
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • Kiplinger’s Retirement Report
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Southern Living
  • Martha Stewart Living
  • Shape
  • Sports Illustrated

Do you need help learning how to download and stream library materials? Contact the Webmaster or Call-a-Librarian at 317 275-4184.