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Watch Streaming Movies and Shows

03/12/2020 | e-materials

We have thousands of movies and tv shows for kids, teens, and adults to download or stream instantly with a library card. We buy streaming licenses from more than one platform, the same way you might subscribe to more than one streaming platform (Netflix, Hulu, Disney) at home. One platform does not have everything!

Detailed information about each of these is available on our download and stream page. If you have never borrowed from one of these platforms before directions are available:

Browsing in the website or app of one of these movie streaming services typically looks like this:

Hoopla Movies Screenshot

If you prefer, you can also check out most (but not all) of these streaming movies directly from the library catalog. When you see a streaming movie in the catalog it will typically look like this:

Hoopla Hamilton Movie Screenshot

Whether a person prefers checking out from a service's app or would rather use the library catalog, is purely personal preference. The advantage of searching in the library's catalog is that you will be searching the streaming movies and shows of these services all at one time.

Links to Popular Movies and Shows:




Need help? Call or ask a Library staff member at any of our locations or text a librarian at 317 333-6877.

Movies to Stream From Home

Hunker down at home and enjoy something from the library's huge selection of streaming movies and tv shows. We have something for everyone! Look for more ideas from our Hoopla or Kanopy streaming services. #indypladults IndyPL_CarrieS

Pants on Fire

For the tweens... what if all those white (and not so white) lies you told suddenly became real?

Along with the gods

the two worlds = [Sin kwa hamkke]

For the fantasy fan... A fireman dies in the line of duty and must prove his valor through increasingly difficult tests of his character in the afterlife.

A Cat in Paris

For the whole family... Dino is a cat with a double life. By day, he is a police officer's housecat. By night, he sneaks out to help a cat burglar with a soft side.