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Reading Challenges

Welcome to The Library’s year-round reading challenges, where the joy of reading takes center stage!

Challenge yourself to read every day to expand your knowledge, ease stress, and create mindful reading habits. What you read is up to you, but we have prompts to inspire reading beyond your usual picks. Whether you’re an avid reader or want to read more, join one (or more!) of these challenges to make reading an enriching part of your life.

Don’t go it alone! Encourage your friends and family to read with you and compete to see who reads the most through Leadership Boards on Beanstack.

How it works

1. Register at or through the Beanstack app to sign up for a challenge.

2. Track the time you spend reading, reading aloud, or having someone read to you, including audiobooks.

3. Measure your progress through Beanstack. Earn badges along the way towards your reading goal. 20 minutes a day will get you there!

2024 Reading Challenge Schedule

June & July
IndyPL's Annual Summer Reading Program

Our annual Summer Reading program for all ages is back June 1! Track the time you spend reading and earn prizes along the way to 20 hours read. Learn more about our Summer Reading Program for kids and adults.

August & September
Read Without Walls

Read without walls and explore books about characters who look or live differently than you, topics you haven’t discovered, or formats that you haven’t tried. Let books open the world around you as you try to reach 600 minutes read.

October & November
Fall Into Reading

Fall into reading! Log your reading throughout the challenge to earn autumnal badges. Read 600 minutes by the end of November to reach the goal!

December & January 2025
Cozy Up With a Good Book

‘Tis the season for coziness. Grab a blanket, your fluffy socks, and your favorite warm drink or snack! Hop into a reading nook and sink into a good book. Log your reading to earn badges all month long up to 600 minutes.