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Kids Summer Reading Program

2023 Kids Summer Reading Program Camp Read S'more Graphic

Our annual Kids Summer Reading Program concluded on Saturday, July 29, 2023. Kids read great books, earned prizes, and enjoyed art, fitness, animal, and music programs all summer long!

We look forward to seeing you next year for the 2024 Kids Summer Reading Program!

6 Ways to Encourage Reading at Home

Need some inspiration for reading outside of school? Look no further!

1. Create a dedicated reading space. Help your child find a quiet, cozy place to relax and focus on their reading.

2. Talk to your child about their reading. Show your interest by asking questions to motivate them to continue reading.

3. Let them explore their interests. Children are eager to read about a topic they are already interested in.

4. Read regularly. Establish a daily routine of reading aloud to your child, take turns reading passages aloud together, or set aside time to read quietly together.

5. Lead by example. Let your child see you reading for enjoyment. Join our Adult Summer Reading Program and read alongside your child.

6. Variety is the spice of life. There are a variety of different kinds of books – joke books, audiobooks, graphic novels, and a whole lot more, so let them have their pick!

Reading Recommendations for Kids from IndyPL Staff

3, 2, 1…Blast Off Books for Little Astronauts!
Have a kid that dreams of going to space? These are my favorite picture books about space, rockets, aliens, and astronauts! The books on this list are perfect for preschool-aged kids, but could be enjoyed by all ages. Are you ready to blast off?!

Graphic Novels About Space
Get ready for space camp! These fun and informative graphic novels will entertain even the most stubborn rocket scientist.

Heroes of Space
Learn more about the people who have traversed the cosmos - and the ones who made it possible and inspired others to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible! Here you can find books about (and by) space heroes, and all you need to inspire you to reach for the stars!

Heroes of Space for Little Astronauts
For hundreds of years, people around the world have been studying and exploring outer space! After the the launch of Sputnik (the first satellite) in 1957, animals and then people were sent to the moon and beyond. But the astronauts who landed the rocket ships aren't the only heroes; thousands of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers worked their hardest to make space travel a reality! Learn more about the men, women, and animals who all played a part in exploring space!

If You Liked...An Elephant and Piggie Biggie
These colorful and funny friends are always up to something silly. If you're looking for your next favorite series after Elephant & Piggie, look no further!

If You Liked...The Hunger Games
The dystopian fiction craze continues! If you love the harsh and gritty world of "The Hunger Games," then check out these read-alikes.

If You Liked...The Magic Treehouse Collection
Adventure! Time travel! Magic! If you love the "Magic Tree House" series, try one of these series next.

Kids Explore Our Solar System
There's so much to learn about our solar system! These books, crammed with photos, drawings, and facts, invite kids to expand their understanding of their place in the universe.

Space Books for Future Astronauts
Calling all astronauts (ages 8-12)! Here are some fiction and nonfiction suggestions to get you prepared for your future launch.

Space Opera for Teens
Young adult fiction + space opera = adventure, romance, danger, high stakes, outkasts, and more! What more could you want?

A Trip to Our Moon and Stars for Little Astronauts
We've all looked to the stars and dreamed of what life is like beyond our atmosphere. If you've got a kid that's currently dreaming of life as an astronaut, these books will transport them to our moon and around the stars. These books are perfect for preschool-aged kids, but could be enjoyed by all ages!

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