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Kids Summer Reading Program

Blast Off to Camp Read S'More! From June 5 – July 29, participate in the Indianapolis Public Library’s Summer Reading Program to explore great stories and earn prizes for reading! Registration opens May 1, 2023.

How It Works:

Track the time you spend reading, reading aloud, or having someone read to you, including audiobooks. Use Beanstack print a paper tracker to measure your progress. What you read is up to you – any book, graphic novel, magazine, e-book, or newspaper. Read items from home, borrow from a friend, or visit The Library to find your next read!

Earn Prizes!
Prizes are earned at 1 hour, 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours, and 20 hours of reading. Plus, earn a bonus prize when you complete seven Discover Activities. Prizes can be redeemed at any Indianapolis Public Library location. Go to your library, show your progress, and choose your prize!

Want to reach the full 20 hours? 20 minutes a day can get you there!

Camp Rules:

  • First day to log reading time – Monday, June 5, 2023
  • Last day to log reading time – Saturday, July 29, 2023
  • Last day to pick up prizes – Saturday, August 5, 2023
  • Prize quantities are limited and prizes are subject to change.
  • Minutes are not transferable between individuals.
  • A maximum of 20 hours will be awarded to each participant.

Free Workshops for Kids

In June and July, enjoy free arts and crafts workshops, animal shows, obstacle courses, and more. Visit your local branch or browse our online calendar to learn more!

How to Sign Up

Register on the Beanstack App:

1. Go to your device’s app store, search for Beanstack Tracker, and download the app.

2. Select to participate “at my library.” Search for Indianapolis Public Library and select.

3. Follow the steps to register an individual or family.

4. Track your reading this summer on the app or print this tracking sheet.

Register in The Library:

Visit or call your closest IndyPL location to register with a staff member. Keep track of your reading on the Beanstack app or on this tracking sheet.

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Group Registration:

If you are a local summer camp, daycare, or school that wants to participate in Summer Reading, you can register as a group. Please contact any local library branch for details.

Register online:

1. Go to our Beanstack website.

2. Under “Create an account”, click on “Register an Individual or Family.”

3. Fill in your information. Beanstack allows families to be linked together so all family members can be accessed with one login.

4. Track your reading this summer on the app or print this tracking sheet.

Participants over age 13 or caregivers can create accounts to track minutes and activities.

If you already have a Beanstack account, you need to only enroll in “Kids & Teens Summer Reading 2023” with IndyPL.

Need help?

Our staff can help you register and track progress online or in the app.

6 Ways to Encourage Reading at Home

Need some inspiration for reading outside of school? Look no further!

1. Create a dedicated reading space. Help your child find a quiet, cozy place to relax and focus on their reading.

2. Talk to your child about their reading. Show your interest by asking questions to motivate them to continue reading.

3. Let them explore their interests. Children are eager to read about a topic they are already interested in.

4. Read regularly. Establish a daily routine of reading aloud to your child, take turns reading passages aloud together, or set aside time to read quietly together.

5. Lead by example. Let your child see you reading for enjoyment. Join our Adult Summer Reading Program and read alongside your child.

6. Variety is the spice of life. There are a variety of different kinds of books – joke books, audiobooks, graphic novels, and a whole lot more, so let them have their pick!

Reach for the stars in our Community Reading Goal for 2023!

Are you up for a reading challenge this summer? If the IndyPL community surpasses 16 million minutes of reading, including our Adult Summer Reading Program, all readers who log reading time will be entered into grand prize drawings at the end of the summer! Prizes include Nintendo® Switches, LEGO® sets, Target Gift Cards, one of two $529 College Choice CD savings accounts, and more! Grand prize winners will be contacted in August 2023.

MISSION: Discover Summer Reading

Discover and complete 7 of the 11 activities to win a prize.
Visit your local library to collect special stamps along the way. Pick up an activity tracking form at your local library or print the tracking form at home.

Discover Giving!
Donate a new or used book at your local library. Books will be donated to Brightlane Learning. What book did you donate? What do you hope someone enjoys about the book?

Discover Kindness!
Greet people as they come into The Library or say hello to a librarian you have not met before. Who did you meet?

Discover Storytelling!
Tell a librarian your favorite joke or talk about the best book you’ve ever read. What did you share?

Discover Your Neighborhood!
Explore outside your local library and listen to the nature sounds or not-so nature sounds. What sounds did you hear? What do you see?

Discover Art!
Books are full of amazing artwork – checkout a book with art you love. What does the art tell you about the story?

Discover Writing!
Send a message to Earth from Camp Read S’more. Complete at your local library with special stationery! What is your favorite book you’ve read this summer?

Discover the World!
Log on to a library computer and browse the catalog or play a game. Ask a librarian for help if you don’t know where to start! What book did you find? What game did you play?

Discover the Library!
Attend a program, visit a new branch, or explore our website. What did you learn?

Discover Music!
Ask a librarian how to use Hoopla or checkout a CD. What music did you listen to? What was your favorite song?

Discover Food!
Check out a book about food or a cookbook and make a dish. What did you learn? What recipe did you make?

Discover Reading!
Check out three books that interest you from The Library. What books did you check out? Which one are you most excited to read?

Discover the Survey!
Have your grown-up complete our survey to be entered to win a Meijer Gift Card! Complete the survey online or pick one up at any Library location.

2023 Summer Reading Program Sponsors

2023 Summer Reading Program Sponsors