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The Library offers a variety of convenient items and services for a small fee as well as charging for lost or damaged materials.

Borrowing Fees

Item Type Fee & Duration
Lost or damaged material The cost of the specific item at the price listed in our catalog record or the price of a new copy of the item on retail wesite such as Amazon.
Barcode/RFID Tag Replacement $2.00
Debt collection fee $10.00
Insufficient funds check $25.00
Non-resident Library Card $65.00 annually
Book Club Bags - Lost or Damaged $25.00

Service Fees

Item Type Fee & Duration
Public Library Access Card (PLAC) As set annually by Indiana State Library
Black & White Copies on Photocopiers $0.15 per page
Color Copies on Photocopiers $0.25 per page
Black and white printouts from public computers $0.15 per page
Color printouts from public computers $0.25 per page
Prints on Microform Equipment $0.15 per page
Copies made by Library staff $1.00 per page
Outgoing fax $0.50 per page
Headphones $2.00 (includes tax) each
Re-useable Totes $2.00 each
Facility usage fee $50.00 per hour plus other applicable fees
Tech support $20.00 per hour (excludes Auditorium)
Flash drives At cost
Interlibrary Loan All applicable fees
Proctoring exam fees $25.00 for the first two hours $10.00 for each additional hour
DVDs for Special Events At cost
Book Club Bags - Lost or Damaged $25.00
Bunny Book Bag Tote $12/00 (includes tax)
Library Branded Items At cost
Professional Still Photo Shoot at Libraries for Personal Photos $50/hour; must be arranged at least one week in advance; photoshoots can only take place during Library public hours; reach out to for date/time availability and for a photoshoot application
Commercial Photo or Video Shoot at Libraries Up to one hour $50.00; 2-5 hours $375; 6+ hours $750; *Minimum additional fee of $120.00 will apply to projects during non-Library hours. Applicable room rental fees will be added for projects that restrict patron access in prescribed public spaces.

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